Customised neckties and bow ties

Yes, now you can wear a fully-customised bow tie. We will take care of creating it with the colours and designs that you want and that special Colton Foster touch. Whether for a wedding, a communion, your nephew’s baptism, Christmas dinner, a retirement party, a graduation dinner, your employee of the month award, a goodbye party for a friend starting off on his own (good luck to the poor bloke), your bachelor party (well, your best mate’s, because you shouldn’t be organising your own), a baby shower, your cousin’s sweet 16, or your sweet 40 (it’s the new 20), the maiden voyage of your yacht, your neighbour’s housewarming party or really any festive occasion you can think of, Colton Foster is here to make you look smart and cover your behind.

We understand that it is a special occasion and you want to add a unique, original touch to your look. That’s why we offer you our customised design service for you and your friends. Tell us what design you want to put on your bow ties or neckties and we will make it happen. If you do not know exactly what design you want, you can always take a look at our collection . Contact us using the following form and we will help you to make sure that Colton Foster is in the air at your celebration.

  • The minimum bow tie or necktie order is 10 units.
  • The cost is the standard Colton Foster price, both for neckties as well as bow ties, including design and shipping.
  • You must pay 40% up front in order to formalise your order.

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